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Mit15Nov19:00Joey DeMaio: »Words of Power« • 🇬🇧19:00 ⲘÜⲚⲤⲎⲈⲚ-ⲦⲒⲢⲢ • 🇬🇧 IN ENGLISCHER SPRACHE • Spoken Word Tour des Bassisten und Leaders der True-Metal-Band MANOWARBackstage Werk • München, Reitknechtstraße 6 | 80639 München VeranstalterBackstage Kulturzentrum • München► TICKETS [KLICK] • Eventim-Tickets | Werbung ◄


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🇬🇧 IN ENGLISCHER SPRACHE • An Evening with Joey DeMaio. Spoken Word Tour des Bassisten und Leaders der True-Metal-Band MANOWAR. »Motivational, inspirational, real«.

Whether Joey fires up tens of thousands of fans a night during concerts with his iconic band MANOWAR all over the world (often impressing them with a speech in their native language) or reveals personal stories of his life and career on his spoken word tour – Joey has what it takes to capture the audience. With his vast experience as a musician, engineer and entrepreneur Joey equally fascinates as a keynote speaker in a business environment, providing inspiring and moving narrative combined with real world experience.

Admired for the loyalty, strength and perseverance that he not only writes about in his songs, but lives by example, Joey reaches into his own history, his triumphs and tribulations, making him a motivational speaker who reaches the audience on a personal level, empowering them with the confidence to strive and achieve greatness.

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